My first day quit smoking!!!!!!

Blog Post created by Redhead101 on Sep 26, 2019

My first day went well then I thought  it would though,I'm a all day coffee  drinker  lol ,,, I'm a chain smoker  well I was until I quit that nasty habbit,,,well tht morning I put my patch on which fell off my skin wouldn't  stay  ,so I use some lozenge  they really seem to help ,don't get me wrong  I thought of smoking  all day wasn't  easy at all ,then night came was sitting  on my porch I was really  wanting one glad none of my family  around tht had a cig I mite of took a drag ,so I put on a pach on instead and went to sleep ,,,,I really don't understand  how I made it threw this one day without  a cigarette,,all I know I read read read ex it really help me I would refer this site to anyone  thanks again ex!!!! Here gos another  day