My Journey to becoming Smoke Free

Blog Post created by Ralph1955 on Jul 15, 2018

I’ve been a smoker for nearly 50 years. Or maybe I should say that I have been a patsy for the tobacco companies for nearly 50 years. Cigarettes, when I started smoking at age 14, were 45 cents a pack. Over the years the price kept going up and I was now paying just under $7.00 per pack. 

Last night I smoked my last cigarette and woke up this morning and put on a patch. I’ve had few withdrawals so far and truly believe I Will be a non smoker from this day forward. I will be putting my cigarette money in a jar everyday and when I reach my year anniversary I’m going to treat myself to a return trip to Italy     . 

Today is the first day of taking my life back and I know it’s going to be an awesome and amazing journey.