Day 35

Blog Post created by RIPMintJuul on Dec 27, 2019

It's been over a month since my quit date and I'm keeping up my commitment. I still have cravings and triggers tied to smoking, but they are less frequent and easier to overcome.


I made it through the holidays, which have always been full of stress and triggers. A complicated family structure, and living far away, puts pressure on my time. Specific family members put pressure on my patience. When things got extra sticky on Christmas Day, I excused myself for a walk with the dog and it helped.


Last night was the first time I've been around someone else vaping since I quit. I was a little worried I'd ask for a few puffs and while I wanted to at a few points, I thought about all my work, and reminded myself that I don't do that anymore.


It's been really great having support from friends, and seeing that show through in their Christmas gifts. My partner had a jigsaw puzzle made of a photo of our dog, and a close, longtime friend got me a couple of grownup activity books. Jigsaw puzzles and word searches have been my go-to for redirecting myself during cravings, and I love that the people in my life remembered! It's hard for my partner to forget, I suppose, considering I have taken over our coffee table for puzzling, ha!


I hope all have enjoyed your holidays, whatever you celebrate. Thanks again for being my online cheerleaders and wilderness guides!