In the Mountains

Blog Post created by PrimeNumberJD on Oct 12, 2020

Well, it has probably been since about the Ex-Virtual Reunion since I have frequented the EX. 3 major events have taken up the time in my life over these couple months. 


First, one of the biggest undertakings was the park we spent building. It isn't completely done and has a few items that will be done in the spring however, it is substantially completed at this point and has been frequented by the kids in the neighborhood. I spent most of my waking hours trying to complete this to a point where the kids will be able to enjoy it prior to the weather changing. They have definitely been enjoying it! 


I then spent several weeks traveling amongst the country for various reasons. I spent some time outside of Las Vegas for a course and went hiking or running every day (which was difficult as it was over 110 degrees almost everyday). My first peak came here, up to Turtlehead in Red Rock. I then ended up in Colorado for a bit; if you didn't know, I absolutely love the mountains so I absorbed them every unoccupied, waking moment. I peaked to Horsetooth Mountain, 7,208ft. I also Scrambled up Lily Mountain, which peaked just shy of 10k feet at 9,735'. Running in Colorado is difficult to say the least. Finally, I travel to South Dakota for what was an emotionally trying and mentally difficult course. While I was there, I ran several of the trails offered and hiked Buzzards Roost. I might say, South Dakota is not difficult to run in and hiking is super easy in comparison to Colorado!

Lily Mountain Peak


Then enter October. A good friend of mine, who I ran with in Highschool, was recovering from an injury and needed to put a team together of runners to complete an October running event for Lurie's Children's Hospital. He would normally fund raise for them and earn an entry into the Chicago Marathon. Under COVID, the Chicago Marathon is not being held, so Lurie's decided to have a month long event where a team will complete 262 miles (a play on the 26.2 miles in a marathon). As stated, he is recovering from a stress fracture and just recently put back to back run days together. I joined his team and to fund raise, I told my audience that I would run a mile for every $5.00 raised, and 5 miles for every $20.00 donation. I raised over $2,000 and I have been busy running. I have not yet run today, but will run some miles later today. Since October first, I have run 116.25 miles! Much of my waking time is spent running now! I will complete 262 miles single handedly in October, but probably more than 300 miles. I owe well over 500 miles total!

October Miles