Still Alive @ Twenty Five!

Blog Post created by Pops on Oct 17, 2018

That's right.....Pops is rocking 25 Days of Freedom!!!

I'm hoping this blog finds all of my EXer family well today, the humpday of the third week of October....

Life is sooo soooo much better not having to rest before I climb up a set of stairs, or continually have to spit out six ounce balls of phlem, only to see my lungs collapse again under the pressure of blowing that hard.  Lets not forget how great it is to no longer see the tar drips falling down the inside of my windshield in my car.  (as well as the horrific smell of smoke stench inside...)  It's so nice to be able to sleep for several hours without waking up with a jones to smoke another cigarette every 30 minutes.  On another note....it's sure nice to have an extra $400 in cash to spoil myself with!!!

xoxoxox Pops with 25 Days of Freedom!  Woo Hoo!!!!!