Alive with 85!!

Blog Post created by Pops on Jul 13, 2018

Hey EXers!  Happy Friday to all of you...looks like Maryland is in for another spectacular weekend weatherwise...I am so looking forward to getting off work today so I can get started on my weekend immediately!  The deadlines and scheduling this week has been especially brutal, but I just kept plugging away smokeless.  (As in I just do not do that anymore...)  It is great to be alive with 85 days....Just 15 more to go until I get to walk through that field of wildflowers and honeysuckle....I can see the doors that open into that marvelous place we call home to the "triple digit club."


I hope you are all doing well, and have a great weekend.  Try to enjoy it while you can...These summers have a way of being very unpredictable.


Pops with 85 days of feedom!