Good morning EXers on day 26!!!!!

Blog Post created by Pops on May 15, 2018

Good morning EXers!  I hope all is well with my family here...I sure am happy to have been able to pocket my pride and not worry quite so much about what you thought of me, and decided to come back to the fold....Thanks for all of the support that I have received since I've returned.

I am always sickened when I see another tobacco addict (either formerly, or still addicted) talk down or harshley to another addict that has faltered.  But for the grace of God...there go I.....

So...it's back to work, and another day has begun....time to earn the donuts!

Pops w/26 Days of Freedom...Woo Hoo!!!!  

Enjoy your day......


Wow!  Let me tell you guys something....now that it is almost 7 in the evening....today has been one heck of a doosie to stay focused in....My addict mind has been beating on me continually for the last two hours...!!!!! I know that I am not to act on the thought...instead, I am looking to see how my life has been greatly enhanced from not smoking, and to appreciate that I am now 26 (soon to be 27 days free from the last drag of nicotine.....).  But let me tell you...the addict is a stubborn sob @ times....;-(!!!!  I know that my stature here has been severly hit by my last relapse, and I really do NOT want to fail here....so I will just continue to do what all of us do....NOT SMOKE NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!! Darn this is simply brutal right now.....  Oh well....this too shall pass...(it better pass soon, or I am going to have to break something!!!!!)  Geez this sucks!!!!!

Wha wha whaaaah whaaaah ....yeah I know....but that is just how it is @ this moment....oh well, I'm going to post this at the risk of looking like a total village idiot.

Pops who still struggles just like most people do from time to time.....