Still counting

Blog Post created by Phreck62 on Jan 31, 2017

Well today makes 3to all most 4 weeks if no smoking I think that I am very proud of myself 

Especially when I go to the store to buy snacks for me I really do ignore the urge to get a pack of smokes it feels good to not buy them any more and I have saved money I just went out well ordered from the Internet a new pair of sneakers 

To celebrate my 3to 4 wees of not smoking 

yes I still get the craving but it's only once in awhile and the meds I'm taking really do help a lot I just don't like some of the side effects it has but oh well such as life. 

So I'm doing good i go out for a lot of walks even though it's a little cold here in northern maine 

That's it for me chat with you later