Smoke free Gramma

Blog Post created by Patty44 on Mar 23, 2020

Yes!  I have not smoked since March 13th!  Been in Aledo Texas staying with my son & daughter-in-law and newborn baby Levi.  This is my first grandchild.  He is adorable.  Came back home today.  I have missed y'all and look forward to getting back to the Daily Pledge and blogging. 

I stopped using the patches yesterday.  The baby and helping out at my son's has kept me busy and giving lots of love.  Now that I'm back to the "woods" I may need to put one on in the next few days, but if I need to I will.  However, miraculously my husband has still not smoked either.  Such a big help on that. 

Okay, I will get back into the habit of sharing and taking the daily pledge tomorrow.  For now, unpacking and resting will be fine.