Blog Post created by Pao777 on Feb 18, 2017

I am so over being frustrated; actually more like depressed. I seem to be taking everything personally and then on top of that feel sorry for myself. This has to stop ASAP! After my husband went into remission and I decided to quit the sickerettes (a term I have borrowed from someone here - I think it's brilliant), I became depressed when I should have been celebrating. Went to my doctor and told him my anti-depressants were no longer working. Doc changed me to Pristiq. When that caused nausea he added Welbutrin. I am not excited about having to take two medications to replace one but it seems to be working. My sister has been on this prescription cocktail for a while and it's working for her. I just want to laugh again and have that excited feeling about life in general.


I am reading my Bible daily and trying to find other things to do to keep my busy. I wouldn't mind working part time so I can have a little extra money to begin some new positive habits and keep up with my acrylic painting. I am on a schedule to work out in the morning, prepare meals, wash clothes and keep our home clean. I think a couple more firends in my life might be good. Our adult kids lives are so busy we don't get to see our grandchildren often enough. I want to go to church to meet people. OK - random thoughts pouring out now. My apology.


I am just in that stage of not smoking where my brain is running amuck with thoughts. Nothing seems to satisfy and I can't focus. So I practice breathing slow and this helps. Hope this feeling will subside soon and motivation will step back into my life.




Thank you Terri, Thomas and a few others for the advice and friendship. Please keep it coming. God bless us all.