Update on Prairie's Journey

Blog Post created by PRAIRIEROSELADY on Feb 19, 2018


Plenty of STRESS for me the last couple days.....My bookwork and such. Backup for my laptop.

At least what I could back up....Wiping out personal info. FedEx did bring the box and packing to ship it today.

I WOULDN'T HAVE BET MONEY it would come today! Everything in southern TX. is extremely slow to happen!


Then had to play auto phone mess, to set up a time for FedEx to pick it up tmw. It's being shipped to Houston...

So that's Terrific it isn't leaving the state!!!

It's on a Premium program that expires 3-11-18... jump to the front of the class...fix it's problems and

return to me. Supposedly this will all happen in 3-4 days... I TOTALLY DOUBT THAT!!!!! It will take me

several days to put back some of my stuff by re-downloading it. Like Games I already own....

However, I think if they truly go through the will be like a new PC.


I did get to my exercise class this morning, but not my extra exercising due to all this PC mess.

I pooped out with making my stir-fry at 8p.m. Made some salmon salad, assorted crackers ,fresh red 

 bell strips and broccoli with cheese spread. Made dark chocolate pudding for a low-cal dessert

with real whip cream...GODIVA made the mix....I'll do my BEST to keep reading...won't be able to

comment much with only phone... the keypads are to small for my arthritic hands.


I've been around Smokers and I am Amazed..... I haven't even been Tempted!!!!! Today is 2 wks. for me!

In Dec. I would have said, there is NO WAY,,,I can ever Quit after 45 yrs.! I did what was recommended

and I am working my plan, using my toolbox and I am making it!!!!! TODAY AND SUNDAY WERE SO 

HECTIC but I didn't have any CRAVINGS Today at all! YIPPY!!!! Did yesterday, but not Today...

They weren't BAD LIKE THE 1ST WEEK!!!!! I am Coping with the EMOTIONAL STUFFING by exercising 

through whatever, I'm wanting to Stuff! The Stuffing is what made me feel like I was Exploding inside

all the time!


Not concerned about weight gain, as I was in the past efforts. I LOVE VEGETABLES MADE INTO ALL KINDS OF SALADS. I LOVE STIR-FRY AND THE COMBINATIONS ARE ENDLESS ON THESE FOODS. I eat, eggs, cheeses. salmon, sardines ,seafood(unbreaded) chicken, all kinds of fish, steak, lean pork loin, lean pork roast. I haven't fried anything in my kitchens for years. I steam, roast, bake, broil and grill our food. I like all healthy multi-grain

thin spaghetti,or other pastas. They make a black bean angel hair, also make pastas made with all the ancient grains, and vegetable pastas. Quinoa, all the different types of rice that are not stripped down. We raised beef all our ranching years. I love steak but never been a hot dish person or a burger freak.........European breads have a lot of fiber and are very filling but nutritious. Europeans eat sweets every single day... Secret to why most of them are thin??????? They walk everywhere. The ride bikes....They use less sugar in their pastries and candies and they taste better than American made pastries. They also make them smaller. They have them with their coffees and teas. If I gain a little, so be it!!!! Then hubby can buy me some new clothes...


I wanted to say, in the past 2 weeks, my blood pressure has went down, my chronic pain level has improved.

My allergies are better, my sinuses are better, I am breathing more deeply..... I do not fatigue as quickly, I am sleeping better most nights. FOR THE 1ST. TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE I FEEL RELAXED.......I could never 

accomplish relaxation, no matter what I did or how hard I tried. This EXPERIENCE is truly a new life for me....


Well, I'd better finish my snack tray here...Need to read as many threads as I can. I'll get up early, to try and check in before, I box the laptop up.....Everyone hang in there!!!!! We are going to Make it!