Better now

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Sep 23, 2018

Oh im so glad dr finally figuired out what s wrong with me! Fell so much better now. Well been very busy getting ready for upstate new york winter's  vreezer is full of stuff from garden cans or should say jars are full made a big pot of  beef stew and canned that today going to make a canner full of chili  and can that also. Gsrden is done  for getting chilly here this weekend. Almost time to light the stove for heat lets see what happens cause everyone says oh you will go back smoking wonce you start the wood stove well i have bad news for them i have been quit for 125 days why would the wood stove make me go back to smoking. Sure i still have those killer cravings but not as often as they use to be. And yes i find myself still stareing at the cigs at the gas station with my mind saying oh just have 1. And i also get really cranky and every one of my frinds and family still say mom or grandma or honey go buy a pack. Why would i do that i dont want to smoke . I have no desire to smoke any more. Hell 6 or 7 times is alot of relapses but you learn from your mistakes pick yourself up and try try again and again. Well i can honestly say it hasnt been easy but i hit 125 days smoke free and proud of myself.  Now if i can still say the same thing when i hit 200 days 75 more to go. I can do it i no i can but those cravings really hit and hit hard just out of no were. Smoking quit aids do curb the edge off but you after a certain period  of time dont think about it you just go about your  daily routine  and after a while you just forget about it my triggers are another person  smoking or cigs at the store or gas station. But i will be ok. All have a good night and let you all go . Im also back to work .