Second hand smoke

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jul 24, 2018

My grand daughter came to me said grandma do i smell like smoke i didnt want to hurt her feeling but i said yes honey you smell like smoke  she said why i showered put on clean clothes before i came up here. I said yes i can tell but the jacket you have on smells like smoke , both your parnets smoke therefore all of you smell like smoke its called 2nd hand smoke. Basicly you are smoking as well as them. She says grandma  i was at the dentist she asked me how long id smoked. I told here i dont smoke!  second hand smoke is as deadly as smoking its self. She say since you quit smoking i like coming to your house it smells so clean and fresh i go home all i smell is stale smoke.  I told her open the windows get some cleaner and start cleaning i gave her some stuff i bought to get ride of smoking ordors. I also told her go home to mom and dad sit down with them exp,ain how you feel and ask them please smoke outside not inside where you are. Weather she did or not i dont no but when people think a child smokes it just shows how much parnets dont stop and think what there doing to there children.