Happyness and sadness

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jul 8, 2018

Just got back from the hospital my new grand neice is doing great myiah dallas. 7 lbs 1 oz 19 inch long. Walking out of the hospital my daughter and son in law came running in almost knocked each other down, i asked what was wrong though my grandson was there again. No not this time my son in law was there for his mothers sister. Who was unresponsive  and still is they have zapped her 3 times now , and i just talked to them andd they dont think that she is going to make it.  Blood pressure  is extremely  low pulse is very low and she is still unresponsive . We will see tommrrow what is what but please say prayer for his moms sister . Me im doing ok at this point im in a program with some new drugs to stop or kill the cancer cells we will see how that goes. Still coughing really bad to the point i can feel my heart beating faster. But nothing has come up yet. Maybe after being on the drug  for 10 days maybe it will make a difference still can  breath fine  dont have copd or any other bad signs of cancer but who nos i want to thank all ex members for there prayers everyone nos now they were talking amidst   them selves i told them i will continue  as i always have maybe this drug will work if not we will try something else. Who no but i dont want any of you to ponder over me i can function  just fine. Dont ask me if im ok or if i need help ect. I can still breath fine and this is not going to put me down. When the time comes i need your help you will no so dont feel you need to check on me consistently cause until that time comes you all will no. i'll still go to work still do house hold chores and i will  or actually have lost another 5 pounds dont no if its the drug I'm on  or the fact I've been  very busy getting ready for vacation with my kids and grandkids.