Oh so sick

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Jun 17, 2018

Got up saturday morning  started sneezing and  coughing  figuired just allergies.  Ya right my hubby says this morning  when i couldnt breath threw my nose at all and coughing so bad i couldn't catch my breath my chest hurt so bad i took a hot shower sucked up the steam which cleared out my nose well 5 minutes after shower  right back to not being able to breath. My hubby says your going to the walk in our er room closed about 1 year ago they turned it into a walk in clinic instead of closing completely.  Well after exrays of my lung came back with ammonia  and head cold how do you get both at the same time. Well on meds and  flonase. At lease my nose is running now and i can breath again. Still coughing really bad but might live this time.  Lol dr say have your chart here from the last time you were here are you still smoking, i told him proud to say smoke free for 27 days. He said good for you this meds im putting you on should work better cause your not smoking. I do feel alot better but not 100 % yet was going with my hubby again but decided id better stay home and get better. Dont want to give it to him.just resting  alot oh my home needs a real bad cleaning when i feel better it will still be there lol. NOPE is  getting stronger  stronger ever day i just might make it this time.