Oh rats its

Blog Post created by Opidfght on May 19, 2018

Pouring here this morning  I can't play in the dirt .shucks I wanted to get my garden planted. Well still waiting for the doctors office to call or the insurance company nothing yet . Husband made it home SAFE  and sound. Out getting brakes for my car. Going to be a day of working inside. Starting to make new plans for my next quit date actually not really smoking so don't no why I don't do it now but that 1 or 2 cigs didn't help the pain and didn't help with stress so why why why did I smoke that 1 or 2 cigs. Brain is a powerful thing. Nicotine  is an addiction but my brain must be in the write direction  cause it didn't help with stress at all. If anyone can send me links to start my new plan please do so thanks.