How do old people not see

Blog Post created by Opidfght on May 17, 2018

Well tell me how old people claim they can't see a big tractor trailer with a 53 ft trailer? Talked to my hubby if it hadn't been for the guy screaming in the parking lot my hubby would have ran some old man over. You can see a big rig backing into a dock. GUESS  NOT! In the passed 3 months my hubby has had more accidents from people claiming he hit them with his trailer coming from the opposite direction,  one old lady tried to pass him on the wrong side of his trailer when he was turning the same way she was going, he drove up onto her car before he even realized what she had tried to do she claimed she didn't see his turning signal on which he stopped and got out of his truck to see if she was ok she took off.cops were called her hubby showed up and had to go get her to come back.then he was coming across sagamore bridge in road island. the exit at the end of the bridge he say her starting to pull out into traffic stopped waiting til he got almost passed her and pulled out he took her drivers mirror off. But as usual its always the truckers fault for whatever reason. They all claim they DIDNT SEE HIM! If a tractor trailer is coming at you or is turning don't you normally stop and wait . I'm not saying all truckers are like my hubby he hasn't lost his safety  bonus in over 10 years. It always old people like in there 70 to80 years old .all people dont do it im not saying all people are the same im just venting about this cause after losing  1000.00 in safety bonuses it not right that he is blamed  for what elder people who shouldn't have a drivers licence do. 

Well I haven't made it to my doctors appointment today waiting to hear about my MRI   it was canceled due to approval from my insurance. Well let everyone no what is going on as soon as I hear.