The life goes on

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Apr 27, 2018

Twinkle twinkle little star the sicettes are gone and on my how is your life now it's been 39 days since your last sicettes and how do you feel ? Well sm9kers think they can still smoke around you trying to make you take that 1 puff you refuse and walk away then you hear the rumors about how you don't socialize anymore how you stay in your own corner and mind your own business well co workers and  other friends that still do the sicettes, I told you all I was quitting you didn't believe me well fact is it's been 39 days since my last sickettes. Don't exactly feel that great but maybe another 30 days will make a difference who no`s. Cravings just come and go at this point I don't even think about having sickette.  Good issues I can smell when someone has smoked in my home I can sleep 4 hours and still sleep the entire night. I started dreaming again which I haven't done in a long tiime..havent done anything different but i lost 10 pounds. Just stopped snanking  and eatting smaller meals.working my lung daily want to keep the COPD never I can feel my lungs contracting so I no the comics are doing there job cause I cough a little but nothing has come up yet , but another 30 days might be different. Well every star out there that has made it this far keep going NOPE will always be my friend and  I VOW never to smoke again.