Better today

Blog Post created by Opidfght on Mar 30, 2018

Made it ok today didn't have a single craving was extremely tired again so slept off and on all day. Made it threw day 11 hopefully I won't have a day like day 10 again right away.  Happy Easter even though it is early going to be very busy on Easter . Another issue I encountered  today  shopping for groceries I was told I needed to grow up a women was standing  in front of us at checkout I told my hubby I have to leave I'm going to be sick from the smell he knew what I was talking  about I just had to get out of there. Women  says to my husband well your wife was very rude my hubby told her she quit smoking 11 days ago she's been trying forever to quit well exsmokers are the worst kind  of people because they don't remember when they use to smoke . Well excuse me for wanting my life and health to get better and you dont. Well sorry smokers put yourself in my place some  day and you will see how a person can get sick from the smell of smoke on a person I could  tell ever person who was a smoker at the store today and I thought to myself that was me 11 days ago never again.