Blog Post created by Opidfght on Mar 22, 2018

As some of you already no why my husband doesn't want me to quit smoking. Tonight I presented the question  I'm on day 4 and haven't had a single smoke are you proud of me! SLIENCE! Are you still there he said yes I want to tell you how I feel you must listen until I'm  done I said ok! You remember when chris, carl, corky,melvine,sally jeff,dennis  all were smokers and they quit 6 months later were told they have cancer,I'm sorry honey I'm not ready to loose you I want you around for a very long time  I want to grow old together I love you with all my heart! I was in tears ok are you done ? You no 2 years ago I had a tiny spot on my lungs from what they didn't no how many MRI have I had on that same spot at least 6 has that spot grown or gone away yes it's gone your sister April smoked and she quit and she's still here mom quit and she's still here . I will still be here as well I'm going to finish what I started it's been 4 days you need to figure out a way to deal with this because I'm not going back to smoking I'm done I will never pick up a cig for the rest of my life weather it be a day or 25 years down the road I've quit  smoking for good!