Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Mar 24, 2020

Great Spirit....

You who are the Creator of all things...

Hear the cries of this one that is your servant.

I burn the Sacred Woods and send Smoke from the Sacred Plants.

Let it carry my voice to you that you may hear.

You know of the troubles surrounding us at this time.

Give wisdom to the Healers that now work to chase the evil spirits of this sickness away.

Show them what they need to know at this time of need.

Touch the hearts of those that watch members of their lodge sicken.

Give them strength to keep them at this time.

Touch those that have been attacked by these evil spirits that they may overcome this sickness that has been inflicted on them.

Touch the lodges that have known loss at this time.

Comfort those that have remained her as someone in the lodge has walked the Hanging road to the Beyond Lands.

Strengthen them in their hours of sadness.

Give wisdom to the leaders that they may make decisions that benefit all the nations.

Touch their hearts that they may have care for every member of the village.

Teach them to have mercy for all.

Touch each one in the village.

Soften hearts that are in need that they may care for their fellow villagers.

Show them how they may help others.

Be with all in the way that each has their need.

I, Soaring Eagle have made these cries to you.

I am finished....

I speak no more.