Found Her

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Dec 4, 2017

Several months ago, someone had opened one of the camel pens at the trailhead. They drove off the camels into the desert . I can only assume they thought to disrupt travel across NML.

All of the camels had been found a few miles away except for one of the younger ones. She had evidently been separated from the group and wandered away. We searched for a couple of weeks to find her without success.

This morning, returning to the caravan trail, I saw something on the horizon. I changed direction and rode towards it, only to find it was a young camel. It was not looking well at all. I had some feed in my pack and offered it to the camel.

To my surprise, after a short hesitation, it walked up to me and took the feed. While the camel ate, I looked it over. I discovered that it was the camel that we couldn't find before. I led her to the nearest oasis to make sure she had water and plenty to eat.

Once at the oasis, I checked her over more closely. She has many cuts and abrasions on her. Most I have just washed and treated with some ointments. Several of them I have sewn closed as they were deeper. These appear to be cuts from knives. I think some of Nic's buddies were looking to have some camel steaks. I can only hope that she stomped them into the soil.

I will rest here with her and care for her for a few days. I want her to regain some strength and heal for the journey. 

Keep a sharp eye as you travel friends. Nic and his cohorts could be waiting for you anywhere. Pay close attention at Desolation Point in the Relapse Rocks. Many have fallen there and had to be rescued. 

Be well, and travel safe .....

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master