Approaching my 2 year quit milestone and what a ride it's been

Blog Post created by Nix on Apr 29, 2018

Isn't It funny that as we approach these big milestones smoking starts to feature heavily in our brains again.  I've logged on frequently in the last few days and really happy to see my old friends and quit buddies reliable as ever, supporting each other and guiding the newbies. I envy your commitment  to the site. Im thrilled to see Pops and TerrieQuit back. I've missed you guys, so glad you are rejoining the gang.


We all have our stories and I love that I can share mine here with such lovely supportive people. This last 2 years has been quite a journey for me. I've  travelled through some very dark places and hopefully now out the other side.


I didn' t realise quite what I was getting into that day when I decided to try and go without my cigs. I didn't realise that as well as making that choice my body was also changing. I didn't know that I was also menopausal on that day. 


I know today nearly 2 years on, that quitting smoking and going through the menopause at the same time is quite a challenge for the body and more importantly the mind. The anxiety and depression brought on by these 2 major life changing events have been hellish. I didn't know what I didnt know and I've had to educate myself about facing addiction and about hormonal changes. I get now why I cried soooooooo much  

I'm a tough, capable person who has been brought to my knees but I'm bouncing back and I still haven't smoked. 


Im lucky that I dont have to be around smokers much anymore where I live but I've just come back from Morrocco where it seems everyone smokes. I really didn't like being around smokers, not because I wanted a cigarette but because I didn't like the smell hanging in the air, I hated the smell on my clothes and in my hair when I got back to the hotel and walking through clouds of smoke in the medinas made me cough. Listening to the smokers coughing and wheezing made me finally realise how far I've come.


And so this 2 year milestone is coming. I AM SO PROUD OF ME. I have no idea what's coming next on my journey but I know that with education and support and with my tenacity I will get through it. 


Love to you all