Day 500. Who would have thought it? Definitely not me  

Blog Post created by Nix on Sep 13, 2017

Wow. Wow. Wow. 

I am feeling so very very proud today. What an awesome achievement.

500 days quit. 

As ever I wholeheartedly thank the elders and the Ex community for the support and advice that I received to get me to this day.

I also thank myself for sticking with this journey through every gritty crave, for every time I was crawling the walls desperate for a cigarette. I thank myself for staying strong and using all the tools that were shared with me to stay true to my resolve.

These days, I can walk for miles without getting out of breath, I don't wheeze anymore , I sleep better as my breathing is better and I don't wake coughing and gasping. I very rarely cough anymore and Ive stopped eating menthol sweets in a vain attempt to clear my breathing.

Stick with it everyone. Chose not to smoke and stay strong.

Love to everyone

Nix xx