Dear EX Family

Blog Post created by Nhandi.isfree11.1.16 on Apr 30, 2019

Hello to everyone and especially to those special ones.  To the elders that took me under their wing and kept me going with N.O.P.E and Don't quit on my quit.  I am so grateful for all the tools you gave me because I have certainly had to use them.  Diana Joy I'm praying for you and your family.   Thanks for your words I read tonight.  A special hello to the freedom train conductors.....Thanks for all your encouragement for all my milestones.  Mark , thanks for the shout out .....I need to consolidate accounts I think itsginas and Nhandi.isfree11.1.16 are both me. 


 I'm over 900 days nicotine free and its all because of you all.  Quitting when I did probably helped save my life.  A long tie ago when I was in the military (US Army).  The military thought it was just scar tissue, or keloids in an old wound from when I served.  36 years later the lumps turned out to be abscesses and they bursted.  After a couple days in the hospital laying up on 3 different heavy antibiotics, it was determined that I had to have surgery to close the whole the abscesses left open.   Skipping forward after just 6 months I was then diagnosed with B Cell Lymphoma of my stomach.  And then Bleeding Ulcers put me back in the hospital.  I had to do 25 straight days of radiation to kill the cancer.  2 weeks of daily iron treatments, the pain and suffering was unreal.  My platelets were 1750 and between the fatigue and skin infection I got on top of everything.  I thought I was going to die.  I was pushed harder than I thought I could endure.  I remember saying to a friend that I didn't have all this medical crap happening when I smoking.   I looked at my daughter smoking one day while in recovery and wondered if a cigarette would make me feel better.  Still never losing site on how powerful nicotine is.  All I can say is Thank God for the tools I learned from each and every one of you in this group and for helping me end my 44 year addiction of smoking.  I always think of the group and I  refer people all the time on Facebook if I read about someone struggling.  My current status ....... I am  over 900 days nicotine free!!!!!


As of March 5th, I'm cancer free, the military didn't back pay me to the 80's but they are paying me 100% temporarily until everything is healed this time.  When I went back to work my job let's me telework 3 days a week, and I am looking forward to being able retire in 3 years


Sorry for the long post, I just needed to sign on and give some thanks and to check in.


love to you all in the EX Team