2 Weeks: Quit Symptoms Or?

Blog Post created by Nestly on Feb 20, 2017

Good morning EXers! Happy Monday! I've officially got 2 weeks under my belt without a single hint of nicotine in any form. <insert dance break here>

I've had to lay off the low carb diet for now because the sweet tooth kicked in hard core and I figured if it helps me stay quit, sugar and a few pounds it is. I'd been eating sunflower seeds too since I can sit and munch for a while and the calories don't stack up so quickly. I've also started working on taking walks/runs everyday... that was until a few days ago. The last few days, my muscles have been feeling on the verge of cramping constantly. It's not quite to the point of painful, but it's enough that all the muscles involved are getting sore. So the question is, what the heck is causing it? Is it the salt from sunflower seeds? the carbs from coming off the diet? Or something quitting related that I just have to wait out? Well, I guess it'll resolve or I'll take a trip to the doc to take care of it.

No matter what, still doing my happy dance! 2 weeks and staying strong!