Day 65 has been a tough one!

Blog Post created by NanKath on Oct 27, 2019

Today has been difficult to say the least. I take depression/anxiety meds and doc prescribed Xanax for the darkest days.  I started feeling weepy on the way to church this morning.  Took a 1/2 Xanax 30 minutes into services and we had to leave 20 minutes later as I was unable to control my emotions. Honestly I have no idea what triggered the uncontrollable tears this morning. I’m doing better this evening but I can tell that I am still on edge. I always tell my husband when my emotions are out of control to try to imagine what’s going on inside if the outside is uncontrollable!  I’m hanging tough with NOPE NMW, but I have snacked a lot this afternoon and evening. At the moment, eating seems to be the only thing helping me have control over my emotions. Currently, chewing on a popsicle stick Thank you everyone for your support!!