365 days FREE

Blog Post created by Mward90 on Sep 18, 2020

I haven't been on this wonderful site in way to long.  I was on here almost every day for months when I first quit and then life happened.  Luckily with all the knowledge I learned here and all the great advise you all have given me, I have been smoke free for 365 days.  I never thought this would happen.  It has been hard at times, really really hard.  There have been days I have sat down and cried because I wanted one so bad.  Sometimes it felt like the weight of the world was just going to crush me into dust if I didn't have a cloud of smoke to lift me up, but we all know that's just a temporary fix and wouldn't solve anything.  Actually it would just make things worse because I would have been so upset with myself for giving up and having to start over.  That's been one of my big motivations, not wanting to start over and have to go though the first few months again.  On the wonderful other hand, I will never forget the first night I was getting ready for bed and realized I had not thought about smoking that whole day.  That's a truly amazing feeling.  Now I know my journey is far far from over but every step I take on the path of a smoke free life is even more beautiful than the last and I don't want to miss out on the next one.  So I just wanted to pop by and say I couldn't have done it without you and thank you for helping to save my life.


- Michelle