7 Whole Days FREE

Blog Post created by Mward90 on Sep 26, 2019

Today makes 1 week free!  I am so happy and can't really believe I made it this far.  I know I wouldn't have without all the help and advice you all wonderful people have shared with me.  And especially all the support you all give me!  Thank you all!  It has been an eventful week and I have learned a lot in my journey this far.


- I can actually do this!!

- Sometimes you just need a box of Nutty Bars and some Supernatural.  In other words celebrate small accomplishments and enjoy the little things.  After one of the hardest days I had this past week I just had to carve out some much needed me time and it made a world of difference.

- Not everyone is going to be supportive of my quit.  I had a friend come to my job and asked to bum one.  I informed her that I quit.  She laughed in my face.  Won't be talking to her again.  On a side note boyfriend is being much more supportive and has not only agreed to smoke outside but has insisted on not even letting me see him smoking.

- Lack of sleep and dreaming is normal withdrawal symptoms.  Thankfully last night I slept better and got a full 6 hours.  I still had dreams but I am feeling much better today then the past few days.

- Stress is stress with or without smoking.  I was having a ruff day and I outside walking Diesel when I realized that there was no difference in how stressed I felt that day compared to a similar day before my quit.  100 pounds of stress on my shoulders still feels like a 100 pounds.  I was so worried that a stressful day would feel worse, like 100 pounds of stress plus 50 pounds from not smoking, but it didn't.  It still felt exactly the same as it would have before my quit.

- Chewing polar ice gum with my mouth closed for a few minutes and then taking a deep breath in through my mouth is almost just the same as smoking a menthol or vaping did.  Been a HUGE help when a craving hits.


Anyway I am so excited that I made it a week and certainly DO NOT want to repeat this week again.  I can put it behind me and keep moving forward.  I know it won't be easy or even easier than week 1.  There are still going to be some bad days and bad cravings but just one minute at a time and I CAN do this.  I can't wait to celebrate next Thursday when I will have 2 weeks down!  Thank you all again for being there, even at 6 am, with a helpful hint and a word of encouragement.


- Michelle