My real quit challenge

Blog Post created by Mommamich on Oct 2, 2018

I have done really well with my quit this time around. I've made it through the craves and through my stressful situations. This week I was tested in a way I never imagined. My daughter and son in law came by to tell me he has pancreatic cancer. He just turned 41. I was actually in shock at first as I watched him go outside to smoke. Even facing this disease he still needed that smoke. I thought about having one but realized that my smoking won't change anything. My quit is still in check but must admit all those previous stressful situation now seem so silly. I assure you I have certainly changed what I see as stressful days. Trying to help keep my daughter and grand daughters from losing control has helped me see how wonderful and precious each day is and I pledge daily to stay smoke free.