Another opening day/Miracles

Blog Post created by MoeUnfiltered on Mar 18, 2019

Dear Ex family,

I’m slowly saying goodbye to someone dear-

my dad.

I’m asking the Universe for one more opening day (baseball).

While I want to slowly say goodbye 

Emphysema -COPD has other plans.

This is likely his last week-his body is dying.


We all quit in my family.

If you are thinking of postponing this quit 

please don’t.

My dad tapered for 8 years.

My brother and I quit in 2010

I relapsed in 2013 but came back because I missed Ex 

I had been a 3 pack a day smoker when I quit in 2013.


You can make it hang on.

I’m on my way to see him..he is my dad still making the world safe 

you might be that someone 

Please fight for those you love.

I am so grateful for all this time we had with him.

I am blessed.

Reach out for help and stay quit

Moe Unfiltered original quit 2/5/10 of 3+packs per day 

Quit again 8/06/13