Job interview

Blog Post created by Metalhead1998 on Aug 13, 2020

   As an update to my previous post: I went for my 2:00pm interview at around 1:45, and met with the director of P.T. at the clinic location. I shook his hand followed by a squirt of hand sanitizer haha. It was not what I was expecting in that they were on their lunch break and it was empty. He interviewed me in the lobby and was just asking basic questions. He said that it was perfect that I had inquired because they will be losing their current PTA at the end of August because she is going to PT school. He did mention that the life cycle of the job is roughly a year and that most people go on to grad school. I assume I can't make a career out of being a PTA because the job seems to have a high turnover rate. I am going in tomorrow to help them wipe equipment down and see how I like it. I will be "trained" by the current PTA for a week and he said they will see about hiring me. I am still a little nervous I don't know why but all seems well. My only stressor right now is that I may have to go to grad school when I thought I was done with school and I could just get to work. 



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