First blog post- Confidence and Coach

Blog Post created by MelWantsToQuit on Apr 20, 2020

Yesterday I was feeling confident About quitting but today is a different story. Wanted to quit today but I’m feeling drained, exhausted and no strong motivation to quit. Headaches and aches don’t help either. So I talked to a cessation coach about it for the first time ever. (kind of proud of myself for that). Im not sure it should matter if I’m confident though, coach- L, did say that was Perfectly fine if confidence goes up and down. I Do know having a plan this week and talking to him will keep me steady though but mostly will be spending a lot of time in prayer. I definitely cannot do it without Gods help -Not in this time of uncertainty. Although quarantine days seem like it will lighten up here in the South by summer, it is still somewhat Worrisome. I do however feel a little more solid after talking to coach L, because we came up with a plan and they’ll be sending me a workbook to record my quit but for now I’ll be using a journal and this blogging. I’m so thankful I found This site is great for journaling everything.