What happened

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Jun 1, 2017

Now that I'm over myself I can go into more detail...remember the "friend" from around mother's day that I blogged about well she's back again with the harassment she's been "accidentally" texting me but I don't respond because she'll say it wasnt for me and quite frankly I dont want to be bothered by her so fast forward she called me today I didn't answer she texted and asked about timesheets at first I didn't care to respond because she's no longer a part of the company but I did I told her "yes I turned in overall timesheets training included" she went on to tell me that she no longer works for the company I said I know she offered help in my position I told her I got it so she laughed at me I asked her what is there to need help with? She said I'm program coordinator and elaborated on the job duties that's when I send her a copy of the email of the promotion I told her I am executive assistant and clear of the job duties required in my position. She laughed again..and called again this time I answered but I didnt tell her much more listening than talking she got mad and brought up the situation from the guy I told her that was dead like over with so she went completely off saying I'm not allowed back to his mom's house I HAVE A HOUSE OF MY OWN! that don't stop no show if there was one! Anywho we ended up over talking one another in a verbal brawl. Im tired of her as a whole. She pick at me because im small.  Sure enough I could've continued to ignore her but evidently she took that for weakness. Im calm now.  Honestly I still want to smoke not sure how long this will last.