Blog Post created by MePlus3 on May 6, 2017

Hey everyone im having some issues here, my quit is not at risk because a cigarette cant fix any of my problems but talking or blogging it out may make me feel better once im done. Well here goes, my kids dont like to stay at my mom's for some reason. They've always been shy about leaving home lets face it there's no place like home! Well now its beginning to hurt her feelings and its turning into strife towards them. I advised her to talk to them let them know that they're loved and welcome there and she wants to spend time with them too also find fun things for them to do to take their mind off "going home" they're kids..LITTLE KIDS!! for crying out loud! She won't talk to them with honesty instead she talks around them in an attempt to make them feel guilty about not staying there.  She said she told them all of those things but I know my mom and she doesnt know how to express hurt in a loving way she didnt do it with my sisters and I and I highly doubt she did it to them in a way that they understand and feel loved. My mom and I have had a very rocky relationship all my life. Its sad to have to wait on us to hit rock bottom..yet again. The trust between us have never been solid but I always try to make it work. My kids always say they dont want to stay over there but will be great before the day is over. I dont think its anything wrong there they just like home better. Now that I've started school its "hurting her feelings" I dont have anyone else to call on to keep them while im in school but I dont want to keep sending them there if she's going to talk them any kind of way out of anger! I don't know what to do...