One week!

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Apr 24, 2017

I'm taking back my freedom one day at a time because its MINE! Good morning lovelies! I'm battling a little stinking thinking because I didn't get much sleep and nico says "Ain't nothing like that wake up one" my response is what paves the way for the rest of my day so I'm going to get down and pray and thank God that I'm delivered. I prayed to be delivered and free from smoking and believed right then that it was done. I will not make God look like a liar! The bible says "whom the Son sets free is truly free indeed" we are redeemed by the blood of Jesus and I believe that so I'm going to walk like I believe it! Yes I still hear nico in my mind but I don't allow it bother me because my God is bigger! I may not get much done today concerning my card because the "authorities" or the "departments" of the police dept is closed for today and theres nothing the bank can do until the charge go through  (it's still pending) I never understood why they couldn't stop it in the pending state oh well no smoking over it because that'll send my prayers up in flames literally! I'm one week free and hell week with God and you guys wasn't so hellish afterall. I've learned it's all in what you tell yourself! The power of death and life lies in your tongue! What are you telling yourself today? When nico say "go buy 1" yes that's possible here where I am and I fell so many time for that but now I say "I will not make my God look like a liar" "I prayed for freedom I AM FREE I AM DELIVERED" I particular love the story of the barber our friend Marilyn shared in the love yourself group! We have not because we ask not! And sometimes when we ask we don't believe it to be done! So my question for today is...and I really want you to think of this during those hard times..what are you telling yourself?