On to day 5

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Mar 23, 2017

Things are still pretty easy for now long as I dont but them or have them in my possession im good. I did have a test today one of the guys that were working on my ceiling smoked and though he did it outside it still came in the house the other worker thought I was smoking it was just that strong and it smelled so good but that was as far as that thought got I didnt entertain it for long because I know how this thing work I'd dwell on how "good" it smell and find myself asking for one so no I got busy. Other than that I've been great. I have to go enroll in the class before I could get any assistance so that's on the agenda for tomorrow. I almost forgot today wouldve been my husband and I 4 year anniversary I hate that it had to end so soon.  Well I think that about sums up day 4 im getting sleepy! GN ALL :-)