1 week quit thoughts

Blog Post created by Marz727 on Jan 27, 2020

1st week, survived yeh! Can only get better from here I am telling myself!


Been realizing lately how things are really determined by our perception. Things aren’t as bad if I don’t see them as bad...and things are better when I look at the good, even if it’s an overall bad situation.


My daughter corrected a comment I made the other day and it has stayed with me... I don’t “have” to go to work, I “get” to go to work! (Love that little chickie ) So, on that note...


I dont “have” to quit smoking, I “get” to quit smoking

i don’t “have” to try and get over it, I “get” to work towards healing

i dont “have” to withdraw, I “get” to detox

i dont “have” to fight cravings, I “get” to learn new coping skills


i dont “have” to start week 2, I “get” to start week 2! Feeling thankful