Rainy day 6 goals

Blog Post created by Marz727 on Jan 25, 2020

It’s a dreary rainy Saturday, day 6. My goal for the be nice to my family and, if not nice, at the least not mean! (lol poor family!)


I have the sweetest kindest husband and my four adult children all live with us currently, as well as 2 dogs (the youngest at 11 months I call the monster). Charlie monster is my biggest challenge as he seems to enjoy eating the house...ugh. Anyway...


i woke up before everyone today and was ok in my own head. Stayed quiet, drank some coffee, cuddled a little with the still sleepy pups. Maybe it was going to be an ok day...well, until the family started showing up. These people that are my biggest supporters and greatest loves are so $*#&@ annoying when I don’t smoke!! (lol it’s funny to see that in writing!!)


Still sane enough to realize it’s me, not them! So, while my hubby sees my facial expressions and is tiptoe’ing around me (which btw I was also annoyed at lol) I made a decision. I am not going to be mean to these people, even if I’m thinking mean thoughts. I am not going to allow myself to secretly think they’re stupid or idiots or any of that! If I can’t have nice thoughts of them then I’m not gonna think of them at all (said only with love lol)


I will remain neutral and if I have an opportunity to actually be nice I will be happy to take it! I’m taking lotsa deep breaths and staying on the quiet side. Lucky for them, I have to work tomorrow (lol) so just one dreary rainy day of not mean...I can do this