DOF 23

Blog Post created by MartyO on Mar 23, 2020

Checking in and SO happy to report~  DOF 23.  


Hanging in there!!!!!


As so many have pointed out, with so very little within our control now, our QUIT is totally within our control. 

Nice to have control over some things. 

Wish I had such control over my EATING!  Blah!


Have endured some intense craves while spending so much time at home, mainly when just complete a chore or bored~~ they pass.  Then, sometimes go for hours without thinking about vaping at all.  I imagine I would have stressed out over keeping enough pods on hand to sustain my addiction and worry that I would not be able to get my hands on them if/when I needed.  It was nice not to have to worry about/be a slave to these thoughts.  One less stress to deal with is very nice.  I imagine I would have had time/angst to puff at least 2 pods a day.   OH the money I have saved!!!! $$$

(I estimate I've saved @ $300.00--Woo hoooooo!)  


The money saved will certainly help me pay for the groceries and incidental costs that will come with both my college boys coming home unexpectedly from school this week for the duration of the school year.  Things sure change quickly.  Who would have anticipated this??  My younger son said yesterday that I picked the BEST time to quit vaping and he is so right....I am so thankful that my lungs are cleaning out, regenerating and becoming stronger every single day.  


Hope all of you are well.  Nice reading/catching up on here today.  Thanks to the ones who checked on me.  


Still working at Juvenile Court in Arkansas.  Courthouse closed to public.  Only hearing emergency/time sensitive matters (Mondays and Thursdays) until at least April 17, 2020.  


Stay safe out there and Stay SMOKEFREE!


~marty DOF 23