Day ?

Blog Post created by MartyO on Mar 4, 2020

I'm smoke-free today!  That is all I'm SURE of.  


It's Wednesday and I'm still trying to come to terms with my relapse Saturday night after 15 days of quit. 

It took me 2 whole days to sign back in to this site after relapse.

And another day to actually get to the point that I could disclose it here.  

It's now the 4th day since then and I continue to struggle with what DAY IS THIS?????


Originally, I dug my heels in fast to maintaining my 15 day quit- while subtracting 1 day for my relapse.  

Now, however, I waiver.  Having read the sage advise herein, I'm not sure what to do.  Or, I am sure what to do, but do NOT want to do it.  I should start over at Day 1 Sunday (after relapse) and thus be on lowly Day 4.  Yup, I do believe that is probably the best advise to everyone "else".  I see the reasoning and it does make sense.  



I don't really guess I need to worry about what DAY I am....


So, I will simply relish in the fact that I am smoke free today, yesterday and will be tomorrow.  I will celebrate those facts!!  I will be proud of myself as this is a huge accomplishment for me.  There's no need to define it right this minute.  Maybe I won't be invited to the "bonfire".  But, hey....


Today, I am free.  Today, I am proud.  Today, I am healthy.  Today, I am strong.  


I celebrate today~~ whichever Day you ARE.