Day 6~Didn't Exist

Blog Post created by MartyO on Feb 21, 2020

Day 6 did NOT exist!  

That's right.  It did NOT exist, but it still counts!  


I woke up to gentle rain and decided to take a day for recovery, texted work and rolled over, covered my head and went back to sleep.  Then repeated.  Woke up, rolled over, covered my head and slept some more--ALL DAY LONG! 


I truly just shut down for the entire day.   I wanted it.  And I took the day.  Tried to start feeling guilty a couple of times for being lazy/unproductive.    Then,

quickly redirected myself! 

I needed/deserved a day to take complete care of myself!  ~So do YOU!


Throughout my day of rest, I did not feel terrible withdrawal pangs.  I think it was very helpful to remain in bed for the day.  So, I highly recommend a "self care" day off during the first week of quit to anyone!!! 

Take it!!! You deserve it!

Whatever it takes to help YOU thru!!!  


On this day "off", I did not overeat.  I ate some nuts and cereal in the evening but stayed clear of snacking during the day.  I have been over-snacking this week and this had led me to feel more sluggish (and just generally not good about myself.)  This day "off" definitely helped with snacking as well.   


Caveat:  Only take 1 day off.  Otherwise, you will eat yourself up with guilt and could end up having an even harder time coming back.  Believe me, I've been there.