Day 4! Keep Calm

Blog Post created by MartyO on Feb 18, 2020

Day 4~ and back to work....


Actually work began in earnest last night/thru all night as I  was on-call for work.  Things got stressful!  

….and I survived....smoke-FREE.  


Gotta admit..It was hard.  I realllllly wanted to puff on my Juul and wanted the buzz.  Felt like I was truly missing my crutch...Ate a WHOLE bag of Twizzlers (I do not recommend this) and did some breathing exercises.  Muddled through it.  


Woke up this morning feeling good about myself for making it through my first "real" stressful battle with Nico and work.  This confidence (and prayer) made it easier to drive in to work w/o it.  And I did!  Driving is a definite trigger for me.  Not so terrible with a flossy stick...  Each day I feel more confident about the smokefree life and every other aspect of my life.  That is a true GIFT and makes the tough times worth it!


As soon as I could, I jumped on this site for support.  It is so helpful to read everyone's posts.  It is empowering!  I did not expect this to be as helpful as it has been.  Thanks to all!  I took my FIRST pledge this morning on here.....


I have this site and my quit tool kit with me today!  And of course, GOD!  I will remain smoke-free and will REJOICE in the journey to wellness.  Good luck all.  Stay STRONG!


Max Lucado:

5 verses with 4 admonitions that lead to one wonderful promise:  

"the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds.".  


Celebrate.  Ask.  Leave.  Meditate.  (C.A.L.M.)


Celebrate God's goodness:  "Rejoice in the Lord always" 

Ask for God's help:  "Let your requests be made known to God."

Leave your concerns with Him:  "With Thanksgiving."

Meditate on good things:  "Think about the things that are good and worthy of praise."


Quench anxiety.  Stir courage.  Less fret...More faith.  

Much Peace