LAST purchase!!!!!

Blog Post created by MartyO on Feb 13, 2020

13 pods to FREEDOM!!!!


Above are my LAST Juul pods EVER!

Yesterday, I walked into a vape store for the VERY LAST TIME EVER.

There will never be a reason for me to enter one again.  

I spent the LAST cent of money on these little demons I will EVER spend.  

I now have 13 Juul pods, 1 for each day until quit day-2/26/2020.  

(I have spent @ $300.00 in 2020 already and almost $3,000.00 in 2019)

That is madness!  


I felt lighter walking out of the vape store.  NEVER AGAIN!!!!


Thanks to all of you who have gone before me and are willing to help me along.

I have been devouring this site and know I need to hold your hands....


p.s.  As part of my final demon purchases, I did order 2 Quitgo Inhalers.  I'll let you all know if they help.