Your Feedback, Delivered!

Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Feb 16, 2017

The EX Team has been combing through the many posts made across the website since we migrated to Jive. Thanks for providing feedback! We’ve made some adjustments already and want to share them with you.


Making it easier to find “All New Content”!

Overwhelmingly we received feedback about getting to the latest created blogs, discussions, documents, questions and other content you’re able to author across the entire community.  We’ve updated the homepage tile, outlined below, to take you specifically to that page.

All Content Tile

If you navigate through the “Content” tabs in Communities and Social Groups throughout the site, you’ll still see the content sorted from Newest to Oldest by recent activity. We’re not able to change the default.


You’ll still be able to get to recently active blogs, discussions, documents and questions through the My EX Feed tab from any page on the site.


Video guides!

We’re developing video guided tutorials to explain different elements of the community to supplement the help documents in Community Help.


Feeling like a pro, or like you just “know where to go” to do the things you like to do on EX? You could be featured in one of these videos! Join the EX Community Advisory Board to get in on the action.


EX Community Advisory Board sign-up link is re-posted!

Speaking of the EX Community Advisory Board… the link is back up! If you’re interested in joining, you can find the link to sign up in Community Help


We’ll continue to review feedback, issues and questions posted in the Community Help area. Where the Jive platform allows and in the best interest of the community, we’ll continue to evolve how things work or content that we have.


In some cases, there are limitations outside our control. Just like how you give feedback to us, we’ll do our best to communicate those ideas over to Jive, too.  


Mark and Megan

The EX Team

Feel free to leave a comment below about the most recent changes!