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How is life in general going? How is life effecting your quit journey? If you're in your early days and weeks of quitting smoking then you may be struggling at times BUT please know that it's going to get easier and easier with time under your belt and it definitely gets better and better without the yuckies (cigarettes) deep breaths you will get

Good Morning We are having a burial at sea this morning for my aunt who passed not long ago and then, meeting at the family related restaurant for food and a celebration of her life.   Have a great smoke free day!
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In a wicked turn of events, my brother had an accident at work. His leg was caught in a machine he was diagnosing; the result: It crushed and broke bones from the ankle through his knee. He is unable to support any weight on it. While it is fortunate for him that I care, it is also unfortunate for him. I picked him up from the hospital last
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On my 37th day never would have thought I would've gotten this high in days without smoking some days rough, some day easier, some days mixed and through all that I can say I'm still smoke free, I still have triggers here and there but like 1 tip I got from the group diversion is key and the support of my wife and EX my hope of being a ex smoker
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I need help I only quit for 2 weeks and have great support from my fourteen-year-old daughter and my four-year-old grandson this is the sixth time I've tried to quit and I just keep going back to it so sick and tired of it what can I do? I make a plan I write great things in my journal I feel so empowered and then somehow I slip and I fall right