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just get kind of bored with their quit? Maybe that isn't the right way to describe it and maybe I am just experiencing a little breakthrough depression. I still have cravings and thoughts of chucking this quit journey. I get through that and find I am really sleepy, despite having a constant flow of nicotine from the patch. I slept most of

      I received a very disheartening message last night from someone who has been here awhile.                What it said was they were considering leaving the site.   Why? The moderation and censorship that has been put in place.
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Good morning, fellow EXer's! The Freedom Train is on the tracks, and prepared to make its daily run to freedom from smoking. Everyone is invited to come aboard to celebrate their own personal freedom, and that of their friends! ******************************************************* paulh - 200 Days vanlil - 400 Days
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I am exhausted, my back hurts, my sciatica is relentless, and I got news that my granddaughter has been diagnosed with lupus.  She is 19, she is an athletic and beautiful young woman who is a sophomore in college.  Lupus can be devastating to organs including the heart and lungs, so far, she is experiencing fatigue and some chest pain.
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Thank you all for your beautiful comments and your prayers.  I tried really hard to let go last night and I ended up crying myself to sleep.  Ellen is very active, she runs every day, she is a dancer, she eats the most well balanced diet of anyone I know, she does not smoke or drink, she wants to be a nurse...she wants to work in