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Welcome!! I have started the fire. We need you to keep this fire burning! The fire will continue til Sunday midnight wherever you may live. This is how to calculate your fuel for the fire. It is your number of days that you are smoke free  multiplied by how many that you used to smoke per day. If you need additional help, contact me. If

This weekend we celebrate these great quitters, and what a list it is !!!! David_100 and Tabbiekat  have 200 days !!! ChangoGrande and Christophina have 1 year !!! vanlil has 700 days !!! Daniela-3-11-2016 has 800 days !!! Sharon199 has 3 years !!! jazzy3 has 1,500 days !!! tommiei has 5 years !!!
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I have never been able to figure out how to join in discussions or express my concerns.  Still don't know what I'm doing!  Anyhow, my last cigarette was January 31, but I am getting worse, not better.  I wonder if anyone else has this problem.  I have no support at home--hubby 0f 41 years still smokes--hasn't seemed to bother