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I have to say today  I relapsed.   I was all alone watching tv and that voice kept telling me just take two puffs and then stop.  Well I did just that and now I feel as tho I've failed.  But I know  I have to pick myself back up. That's voice kept telling me God will forgive you.  And I let  That voice control

~~It hurts because it matters.~~  John Green   I told my fifth graders good-bye tonight.  I accepted a job that makes it impossible for me to teach religious ed on Wednesday evenings.  It hurt.   I was told I was being 'self-righteous', 'judgmental', and 'defensive'.  It hurt.   It hurt because it
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I remember when i was 14 years old- i tried to kill MYSELF -  i swallowed 100 asprin - i couldn't take any more raping from MY dad - MY past I remembered - he raped ME at age 6 until i was 16 and left the house - trained at 6 years YOUNG to OBEY - i asked MY husband for help at the math -  MY attempt at killing MYSELF - was 48 YEARS AGO
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So excited to have my 1 year anniversary of not smoking coming up here soon, it's an amazing accomplishment.  Smoking took over my life ,I was constantly asking myself ,do I have ciggerette,  where is the closest store, can I smoke in this person or that persons car, maybe I shouldn't go for this or that trip because I cant smoke ???????