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Good Morning Fellow EXer's  The Freedom Train is on the tracks and prepared to make its daily run to freedom from smoking. Everyone is invited to come aboard to celebrate their own personal freedom and that of their friends! Today's Celebrations djmurray_12-31-14   1000 Days gardenancy8 200 Days of Freedom    We encourage you

When I left work last Friday, I said I wouldn't be back until after my weekend  as I would be busy.  I was busy, and finally made it back later on Sunday afternoon.   Some of you may recall me talking about my upcoming surgery, I have a partially  torn ACL, (My mind thought it was 16 years old on May 6th)  I swung from
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Hi, I'm new to the group. My name is Dee. I tried Chantix several months back, but stopped when the new year rolled around. I had to start all over to reach my deductible for the year. Now my deductible has been met and I am starting over again. I have called my dr and she has called me in a script for starter pkg of Chantix. Will be picking that
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I am smoke free for 3 weeks! I have been feeling great and very proud of myself. However the last  few days I have been so sad! That's not normal for me. Crying,feeling lonely almost down right depressed for no reason. What's up? Is it the cigs? Did this happen to anyone else?