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Please I am talking about ME not anyone else - so please take what HELPS and let go of the rest to be HELPFUL is MY only aim thank you - 225 pounds in March and April is ending with ME weighing 233 pounds - to COPE with MY life -  I made poor CHOICES personally - to comfort MY FEELINGS of powerlessness - I CHOSE to eat ice cream and cookies

  You need a reason to quit? Here's one.  He's dying.  My mate of 14 years is stage 4 COPD with only 17% of his lung capacity left. His pulmanologist gives him less than 10 years.   He can't walk 10 feet w/o gasping for air.  Oxygen is a 24/7 thing.  Can't go w/o it.  Excursions into the countryside are now
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It's my third day of not smoking today and I'm exhilarated and still have a little uncertainty in me. But just now, I got scared of my roommate possibly being upset at me and she wasn't but I wondered: "Why would I need to smoke a cigarette to relief this stress. Honestly it doesn't make sense! I could do so many more healthier things to cope with