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I've been doing like a mile a day and hitting the gym hard trying to recapture some of those rogue calories that are sneaking into my mouth somehow after 2 FULL WEEKS without a Newport.  That cough, though!  Once I get my heart rate up and I get good and moving, invariably, I start hacking like a Russian Trump Supporter.  It's

Day 9 and feeling grumpy! Tired and get worn down around now from feeling off. I know, I know...breaking addictions and healing is tiring. I’m gonna keep pushing forward but grrrr!   Thought of writing my big list of complaints, but since I’m trying to keep this last quit more positive, I’m not gonna document all that.
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I found this community only because I'm also taking part in a 5-week smoking cessation class that started on January 7th. The booklet they gave us is from Mayo Clinic and it referenced BecomeAnEX as a support source. Best decision I made (after deciding to quit smoking) was joining this group.   Anyway...during the first class, we all
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I started smoking when I was 24. That is unusual. According to the CDC, 80% of smokers started before they were 18 years old. Surprising to me that I started late because both of my parents smoked and smoked heavily. I managed to make it out of the house to my own place without ever being interested in smoking. I should have been immune for life