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Hi everyone. My name is Sally. But everyone calls me Nonna. I used this website to help me to stop smoking. I am happy to say I am going on 7 years of not smoking. This website works. Saying that I am wondering how the non smokers are doing with this virus. I am 73 years old with COPD. I have stayed in. Has anyone else going crazy? Any advise for

But we no longer smoke over it! So how do we keep from running back to the sickerettes?   There are dozens of lists. I typed in destress and got this article among others: 10 Ways to De-stress Your Mind and Body    I like to use mindfulness for my mind, exercise for my body, and prayer for my spirit. The more you do it the more
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Good morning everyone,   I apologize for my absence yesterday.  On Sunday evening, my husband and I dealt with a leak that was coming from our laundry room.  The basement carpet that starts at the wall separating our laundry room from the rest of the basement was soaked.  Many of my things that were in boxes were ruined. 
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I am smoke free for two years tomorrow!  I will be without a computer so here is my Two Year Quit Blog…   So how did I get here, at, from smoking since I was 14 years old?   Way back then in the 1960’s smoking was the “in” thing to do…  There was a lot of peer pressure, and I was
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Admitting powerlessness over nicotine. I have done lots of reading. I have my quick kit in please and all my medical aids to help me through with the withdrawal symptoms. but this morning I have realized, that I need to truly admit my powerlessness over nicotine. Step one. ,  admitted to myself, God and another human being my powerlessness