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I'm running out of good shows....  Recently I watched     The Voice American Idol The Good Doctor Mrs Maisel 1917 The Man in the High Castle What has caught your attention?

Hello my friends.  I pray you are all doing well and are safe and healthy.  How the World has changed in the last few weeks.  Who would have ever thought we'd be living as we are right now.  It's a very difficult time for us all and I know the Stress and Anxiety are off the charts.  We are all strong people and will not
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Well I'm what might be called a "NEW N OLD" quitster . I am new to Ex but have a relatively long quit going on 9 years . That's 8 years , full term March 30 th 2020 .   When I first came to the Ex I didn't know how I would be accepted here having a long quit . My quit was solid . I could have moved on and all would have been good . So why
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Aaah geesh the older I get the more I dislike living in a snowbelt BUT NOT the weather or this terrifying pandemic will cause me to relapse and go back to the clutches of the dreaded nicotine poison BUT I must just like all of you must remain EXtra vigilant with our precious quits especially during these unprecedented times we'll make it through