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My dearest husband just came storming downstairs to declare here's something you can do in your God damn spare time! I have been sick with the flu for the last 4 days. Yes I am still lying around in bed. No I don't feel guilty. But I am very very very angry right now. He's a ******* *******. I want to go buy a pack of cigarettes
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Have any of you experienced serious sleep challenges after quitting? I’m just shy of two weeks into my quit. I’m NOT using the patch, Chantix, or any other med known to interfere with sleep. I am using the lozenge, but most days I only use two with the second one coming after lunch.    For three nights now, I’ve fallen
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1. This is the worst part of committing, to myself to stop SMOKING!!  I know we all have urges when we get to a place that sells cigs; To have a fleeting flash to buy a pack. 2. Damn,  having a store so close by me, is killing me to take flight.   Hubby has keys from the car/ His support, that I have asked for...  I