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Happy April, everyone, welcome to the Daily Pledge in the Celebrations & Events community where we can meet daily to take another person's hand and make our commitment stronger.   How to pledge:  Go to the top of the page and click the link for Latest Reply. Or you can go to the last page by clicking on the

I quit smoking for 2 years and back to it again but for some reason I feel like it's harder to quit smoking now why is that ? 
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I used to be a happy quitter; during months 2-4 or 5 I was so filled with the joy of freedom that no crave was strong enough to shake my resolve. Quite the opposite: I was happy to get the crave, I called it my proof I am a non-smoker. Then life brought my share of suffering: being lost for many months, not knowing what was going on in my body,
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Ok as some of you know I've been using the NRT gum. I have about 20 peices left (if that) im debating on whether or not I should buy more and finish the program or go smart turkey? I feel like praying, self talk, and EX is the ultimate reason I'm successful now. I use the gum because its something to do (Maybe I could replace it with chewing gum