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It's sweetplt  Colleen's 2 years anniversary today.   That's something special to celebrate!   

Hi everyone - I'm new here, but my quit day is tomorrow. Today is my last day vaping, and in a weird way it feels like a funeral for a friend. I know vaping is bad for me, and I know I'm resolute in my reasons why I'm quitting - I want to have more children, I want to feel free from the stranglehold nicotine and my vape have on me, I want to live
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Benjamin Williamson took this photo of Duck Brook in Acadia National Park,   A busy day ahead, going out with my daughter to celebrate her birthday, she's turning 36, she's the "baby" in the family. We will be grateful that we don't smoke, and grateful for friends too.  Thank all of you for being here today.   What we do with our
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Yes another death today . She battled lung cancer for two years . I haven't seen her for quite a few years .. we used to smoke together at Christmas when all our families were together . Her , her brother and me out in the garage  and now she's gone .  Such a lovely lady . I don't know if she ever did quit smoking but her brother , my