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Day 1 of no smoking / no nicotine.   Alienating all the smokers.  Don't wanna set off any kinda unnecessary crazy in me.     My son smokes.  He asked if I'd like to go with to the show.  I appreciated the invitation but, declined.  After the movie, the first thing the smokers do is blast outta there

I am on day 4 of not smoking! Yay! However, my entire family smokes and I’m nervous about the upcoming holidays. It’s going to feel so weird not being outside smoking with all of them like I have done for decades now. I think I will feel like I’m “missing out” not being with them. They spend a lot of time smoking
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I few minutes ago I read a wonderful blog post by Tammyzhere. You can find it here. In it she talks about the choices she is making, and changes to her normal routine that she is making, to protect her quit. This is one wise quitter.   She also has added a comment that is a text image. It begins, "I choose to live my life