Yep it's that day again!

Blog Post created by MarilynH on Sep 16, 2020

It's hard to believe that two weeks from today is the last day of September BUT YEP it is time really does fly by, well Spring Summer and Fall does Winter not so much! BUT that's LIFE which is going to happen whether we smoke or not, Mark took the day off yesterday so we could get more wood cut off our property he already had a couple of poplar down so while he was sawing and splitting I was filling the bucket on the super M tractor and he'd take it to the basement and rank it after several loads we decided to take a break anyway I still don't know what happened I sat down and everything went black and I got really dizzy and my hands were clammy and then I felt nauseous anyway my sister in law had borrowed my blood pressure monitor so I got her to bring it back plus we were supposed to go visit our mother in law together which wasn't happening it was 154/88 then after a few minutes it was 147/106 so Mark got the car and I got sick before we ever left the driveway and again in the hospital parking lot ugh of course Mark couldn't stay in with me because of Covid anyway after 2 blood tests my heart is good which is wonderful whatever they did other than my bloodpressure running high was good after 6 hrs the ER Dr told me to make an appointment with my Dr. and I got to come home grrrrrr what a long day poor Mark didn't get alot done ugh but I'm so glad that he was home. My rambling has a point because after 6 hrs in the hospital and being poked and prodded and still not knowing what happened was and still is very frustrating BUT I'm EXtremely proud to be an EXer otherwise I'd have been chainsmoking as soon as I left the hospital parking lot and most likely would have felt even worse than I already did! We all need to make that choice to live LIFE on LIFE'S Terms without the disgusting smokes and the best part is we can because with commitment and perseverance it's absolutely Doable Vigilance is key to remaining Smokefree and besides relapsing isn't an option anymore RIGHT!!!

Getting old definetly is frustrating at times BUT I'll take it because it sure beats the alternative any day of the week.....