(: Good Tuesday evening :)

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jul 2, 2019

I'm back home it'll be wonderful to sleep in my own bed tonight  BUT I had a fantastic time away even though the weather was Crappy we still had a great time it's always nice to get away BUT it's also nice to get back home again I think we all need a vacation from our vacation at least I know I do  my 10 year old grandson Mason sprained his ankle yesterday on Canada Day poor guy, so as soon as I got home today I went over to see him to give him a big hug what a way to start his Summer holidays, anyway I wanted to let you know I'm back I'll be around some time tomorrow I'm going to watch Mason over to his house for a few hours tomorrow so Mandy can get a few things done. I'll try to get on site before I go over but if not I'll get on as soon as I get home huge hug to all of you my friends and Fellow EXers.