Another smokefree Friday Right!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 31, 2019

My sister Cheryl and her husband is headed back to N.S this morning and Mason is getting off the bus here this afternoon for an overnighter my daughter Mandy didn't want to ask me because she's knows that I'm tired but she also needs me plus Mason loves being here and we love it too no matter how tired Gramp and I are we want the memories because he's growing up way too fast, he's 10 already our other two grandchildren Adam 15, Emma 16 come sporadically so we'll keep having Mason as long as we can it's fantastic that we're not wasting time stuck outside sucking on a cancer stick because hubby Mark and I don't do that anymore I'm so glad that as difficult as quitting smoking was at times that it was absolutely Doable and sure as HELL worth it so hang on tight if you're struggling because once you get through the roller coaster ups and downs and into that good place in your quit you'll be so glad that you stuck with your quit journey. Life happens whether we smoke or not and choosing Not to Smoke guarantees us a Smokefree Life as long as we all stick with N.O.P.E and vigilance. ..... Here's a silly pouty pic of all of us Wed evening with Cheryl   she's not too enthused with getting her picture taken especially this one BUT hey we had fun and it was Mason's idea to do the pouty face so we did .......