It's another DAY WON to be had!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Sep 24, 2017

I'm headed out the door in a few minutes to pick up my oldest grandson Adam he's 13 and a half, he was busy most of the Summer so I didn't see him too often, I can't believe why he'd rather hang out with his friends or girlfriend than the old foggies hummmmm can you imagine that?  Hee, hee, Mason my 8 yr old grandson got off the bus Friday to spend the night then Adam called and asked if he could over for awhile so we went to get him, wow those two act more like brothers than 1st cousins they picked at each other the whole time they were together, I separated them a couple of times whew I'm really happy that I quit smoking because I would've been chain smoking out in my patio area, Adam is my son's boy and my son  hasn't been with the mother since before Adam turned two and Mason is my daughter's boy. I love them both dearly along with Emma who's 15 and belongs to my daughter's man whom I see every couple of weeks, it's too bad for broken homes but we do the best we can and quitting smoking believe it or not makes life so much better because life happens whether we smoke or not and I decided N. O. P. E. Makes me happy so quit smoking if you haven't already and if you are struggling please keep stacking up your precious smoke free days and get through the rough patches so you can start reaping the benefits of an Ex Smoker and it's so worth it when you get to that good place in your quit.